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Bougainvillea "sea ​​foam "bougainvillea

Bougainvillea "sea ​​foam "bougainvillea

Bougainvillea "sea ​​foam "bougainvillea

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flowers are white, but in a little creamy. The leaves are a classic green. Decorated with colorful bracts persistent after flowering inconspicuous true flowers. It is particularly suitable for sun-exposed areas. It is an excellent plant for winter gardens and summer balcony.

grown as a portable plant. At the end of spring frosts is discharged in full sun. It is a creeper and it needs a relatively large support. Before the beginning of frost is transmitted to the frost-free place. The leaves usually fall off for the winter. The temperature during hibernation around 10C.

need watering in summer is considerable, in winter keep the root ball only very slightly damp, because the plant has no leaves. soils with higher clay content and higher pot. Fertilizer for indoor flowering plants. In the spring shortened by about half.

We supply young but very strong and fast-growing plants, mostly from spring to flower. Size 15-20 cm.