achimenes "hugues aufray"

achimenes "hugues aufray"

our grandmothers favorite plant in the new ...

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Suitable is the location of the bright spot (no direct sun). A temperature between 15-25 C.

growing season should be more watering with lukewarm water. Beware of contact with the leaves with water at intense light may produce circular spots. Fertilize once every three weeks at room fertilizer flowering plants. It is suitable as organic fertilizer equipment - sticks with guano, etc. For transplanting is suitable drain to about one third of flower pots. Soil light and humic.

plant in the fall retracts into underground rhizomes, so when it starts to dry stems, we significantly reduce watering. The underground rhizomes can spend a lull in the original pot or in dry peat and perlite in warm about 15 C. In February-March soot to the new land. The normal height of 20cm.

We mostly young plants, often with flowers. Always in a pot.