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Aeschynanthus "twister"

Aeschynanthus "twister"

Aeschynanthus "twister"

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Nice hanging eschynantus twisted leaves. Just "TWISTER" . It is suitable polostinné place in winter brighter. Habitats with high humidity is an advantage. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. Suffices position at the north windows. Room temperature.

plant grows in its native epiphytic, therefore, suitable soil comprised a high proportion of humus, crop residues, wood. coal, peat moss, etc. (as orchids and ferns). Watering appropriate. Fertilizer use more organic (eg Organoferm - heat-treated manure) or at room flowering plants.

temperature should be in the winter to reduce to around 15 C for 4-5 weeks. This change in temperature causes flowering.

Available medium plants.