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Parfuflora violet streptocarpus

Parfuflora violet streptocarpus

For fans streptocarpus! Parfuflora violet streptocarpus

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  • streptocarpus parfuflora violet
  • streptocarpus parfuflora violet

We are pleased to offer this Streptocarpus. He likes to polostinné brighter place not tolerate direct sun. Room temperature all year round. It blooms almost continuously. Beware of removing faded stems. When damage to the floral heart with a knife that you can prepare for the future flowers! In our experience winters with minimal watering and temperatures around 5 ° C. At lower temperatures can damage the appearance of the sheet.

maintain a moist substrate. We recommend watering rather in a tray of water. In the flowering fertilize fertilizer every week on African violets. Soil common flower.

We supply young plant (plant starter) or medium flowering plants, the end of the blade can be routinely trimmed.

Available in sizes see photos.