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Aloe vera "sweet"

Aloe vera "sweet"

Aloe vera "sweet"

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  • aloe vera "sweet"
  • aloe vera "sweet"


bright place, not in direct sunlight. It can also summered. In the winter, just a bright place with a temperature of 6-12 C (eg corridor).


very inexpensive. The grout has dried up after potting compost. Transplanting only when the container is really small (the spring). Land with an admixture of sand and good drainage in a pot for possible spillover pay. When transplanting not bet deeper than was originally aloe, it could rot. Fertilization only appropriate and just in the summer. It is enough sticks laced with guano.


Aloe vera is a major domestic medicinal plant. Variety "sweet is smaller and growing well. Has a greater number of shorter leaves, it is more practical in terms of more frequent home use.