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Tulbaghia violacea "silver lace"

Tulbaghia violacea "silver lace"

Tulbaghia violacea "silver lace"

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  • tulbaghia violacea "silver lace"

present a new interesting portable herb with variegated leaves that have a strong taste and smell of garlic. Requires a sunny position in both summer and winter. Winter temperatures above 5C.

adequate watering, fertilizing normally during the growing season. Fertilizer for flowering room. Plants create underground storage rhizomes from which grow leaves. It may be summer without problems grow in soil. In the fall you leave home trs in a light place, where it still grows.


leaves are used instead of garlic for all meals. Outdoors during the early summer and pretty blooms (see Figure 1). Our relatively unknown plant native to Africa.

We supply young plants depending on the period of vegetation.