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Adenium obesum "anouk"

Adenium obesum "anouk"

Adenium obesum "anouk"

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  • adenium obesum "anouk"

Introducing the newer variety Desert Rose "Anouk". Suits her just as in nature very sunny and warm place. Do not mind the proximity of heating and air dry. In winter, still warm and bright place.

Adenium rather less watered, fertilized with either likewise every two months as fertilizer for cacti biome KLH, and is suitable Organoferm (heat-treated manure). The plant likes a constant room temperature. The soil should contain an admixture of sand. Can be used directly on the soil cacti.

Adenium blooms quite a lot throughout the year. It is appropriate to further remove the burgeons top plant to ramified. Zoom out that while flowering, but the future number of flowers at the ends of shoots increase significantly. We have grown most flowering plants.