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Adenium obesum "diamond ring"

Adenium obesum "diamond ring"

Adenium obesum "diamond ring"

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  • adenium
  • letní adenim

Grafted Adenium attractive sukuletně thickened base. The variety is commonly used in commercial network unavailable. Vyhovujeí as well as in nature, very sunny and warm place. Do not mind the proximity of heating and air dry. In winter, still warm and very bright place.

Adenium rather less watered, fertilized with either likewise every two months as fertilizer for cacti biome KLH, and is suitable Organoferm (heat-treated manure). The plant likes a constant room temperature. The soil should contain an admixture of sand. Can be used directly on the soil cacti.

Adenium blooms quite a lot throughout the year. Supplied plants are of good quality and is usually based directly or flowering buds. The lack of leaves in plants is not an obstacle, grow later. You can also remove the burgeons top plants that branched out, but it's not in these grafted condition. We see plants in size. Photo 2 and 3