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Allamanda cathartica purple

Allamanda cathartica purple

Allamanda cathartica purple

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  • allamanda cathartica purple

Alamanda requires a bright and sunny place. The year-round temperature of about 25 C. The high humidity.

blooms from spring to December, therefore requires adequate rich a weekly watering with fertilizer fertilizer for indoor flowering plants. Root ball should never dry out. In the spring it is advisable to plant a third shorten, richer and flowers. Newly Alamanda also starting to use the summer growing as a portable plant.

Alamanda is a youth generally very susceptible to poor growing conditions. We prefer personal collection in our stores. Already supply the plant with 1 zdřevnatělým stems and few leaves. The plants are then much more resistant to further acclimatization in your conditions. Height of about 20-40 cm.