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Alocasia infernalis "black magic"

Alocasia infernalis "black magic"

Alocasia infernalis "black magic"

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interesting news from houseplants for modern interiors. She likes to polostinné shady area with high air moisture. Year-round indoor temperature above 20 C.


soil should be light blended with peat moss, etc. Do not allow the substrate to dry completely, but also not to allow persistent overtopping as standing water in podmisce. Fertilize every 14 days. It is very useful organic fertilizer such as Organoferm (heat-treated manure) or fertilizer for indoor plants green.

Alokázie susceptible to supercooling (less than 15 C) and treated progressive physiological deterioration sheets (brownish stains). In this case, it is very necessary to limit watering. The leaves are pulled into the underground tubers from which the restore will grow again topping the whole plant intact.

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