Camellia japonica "hagoromo"

Camellia japonica "hagoromo"

Camellia japonica "hagoromo"

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  • camellia japonica "hagoromo"

Kamelia someone considered as the queen of flowers. Suitable V is light to polostinné place, rather colder. During the winter, the temperature should not fall below 10 C, but short-term temperatures up to the freezing point are not camellia problem. Ideal large and bright hallway.

Requires acidic soil, like azaleas. At the time of pouring buds to bloom (December) fertilized with either slightly every 14 days, and during plant growth and the formation of buds (during the summer) each week. We use an acidic fertilizer (such as azaleas and rhododendrons). The ideal dressing is soft water.

Camellias are recommended not moving at the time of flower buds, however, the general recommendation is not strict. Information that some varieties of camellias and overwinter outdoors in our climate are misleading. In this variety is reported zimuvzdornost-20C, přezimovávat out, however, is not recommended.

We have capable of flowering camellia plants (spring and autumn usually with buds).

swe do not send flowers if the temperature is below zero