Camellia sinensis - pravý čajovník

Camellia sinensis - pravý čajovník

Camellia sinensis - tea plant

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  • camellia sinensis
  • Camellia sinensis


best in partial shade. The temperature in winter is lower (can withstand temperatures down to zero). During the winter, also flowers, as well as camellias. Evergreens.


still moist soil with good drainage. Not tolerate waterlogging. Aluminum substrate - sand and half peat. Acid-fertilizer plants (such as azaleas and rhododendrons).


to harvest fits every 3 young last leaf on a twig, several times during the main vegetation. Be it simply dried in the shade (green tea), or fermented (other teas). We must not forget the flowers that adorn the tea in the winter.

We supply 2-4 young plants in pot.