Clerodendron wallisii "prospero"

Clerodendron wallisii "prospero"

Clerodendron wallisii "prospero"

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  • clerodendron wallisii "prospero"

Clerodendron is fairly well known houseplant. Requires during the spring and summer, warm and bright place from autumn to February is the essential winter calm at 10-15 C. Suitable for conservatories.

normal soil with an admixture of clay. Substrate maintain reasonably moist. Fertilization during the vegetation rather moderate. Spring cut is very suitable to maintain a reasonable height and richer flowering.


Variety "Prospero" is a shrub with pure white flowers at home rather overhang. Perspective and very easy to shape. Available in size of about 25 cm.

swe do not send flowers if the temperature is below zero