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Clivia miniata "citrina"

Clivia miniata "citrina"

Clivia miniata "citrina"

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  • clivia miniata "citrina"

diffused light to shade leaves maintain an attractive deep green color. Summer temperature of about 20 C. In winter it is necessary winter calm and the temperature of the light to 10 C. In our experience, the temperature in winter and move around zero. Suitable for conservatories.


the discovery buds watering rather less. Then it is good to increase watering to achieve long flower stems. Fertilized with either after flowering fertilizer once a week on fruit and flower. S fertilization stop in August. Repotting every two years in the soil with an admixture of sand. Older plants are rich and valuable addition to any modern interior.

Available in sizes viz. photos. With flowers or without flowers growing by the year.