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Euphorbia milii "pink cadillac"

Euphorbia milii "pink cadillac"

Euphorbia milii "pink cadillac"

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offer you "new wave" in the spinous crowns. They are compact and considerably more robust. The same is true of flowers. They are large and have a lot of them. As if that was not enough, in every flower growing next two and then again two more flowers, etc ... Moreover, changing colors. Variety "pink cadillac" is really as rosy as it can be.

Nejl needs of pep é é í m sun. In the shadow can not survive. Room temperature in a y s s s. In winter, at 15 C is already underway winter calm.


summer to keep the soil moist. Over the winter watering only very slightly. Fertilized with either very slightly. It tolerates dry air. Possible causes leaf fall either cold, strong desiccation, waterlogging or lack of light. In older plants the lower leaves litter is a natural phenomenon. As the soil we use a mixture of Dobbies with sand. It is also suitable drainage.

We flowering plants in the size of about 20 cm.