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Lepismium cruciforme

Lepismium cruciforme

Lepismium cruciforme

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  • lepismium cruciforme

epiphytic cactus instead of light to shady, high humidity, minimum temperature is 10C. It grows downward and is therefore well suited to the hinge. Epiphytic growth method determines the method of cultivation. Watering regular and abundant. In podmisce should not stand water. We recommend drainage on the base of the pot. The soil rich in humus, air, mixed with bark. Fertilize once a month or fertilizer for cacti bromelias. It is very useful fertilizer Organoferm. Lepismium blooms in early summer. The overhang can be achieved in ideal conditions up to 180 cm.

There are very few plants kaktusovitého appearance, which can be combined into the hinge and grow in terms of tropical forest. Fancy is a combination of the suspension tilandsiemi.Plodí white balls.

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