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Nidularium "fireball stripped"

Nidularium "fireball stripped"

Nidularium "fireball stripped"

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  • nidularium "fireball stripped"

offer you pestrolistou nidulárii "fireball stripped." She likes a lot of light (outside steep summer sun). The optimum temperature is lower than room (15 C). Watering and fertilizing weak solution of fertilizer on fruit and flower directly into rosettes . Light and permeable soil with an admixture of peat. The plant gradually creates many long shoots, which are at the ends of colorful roses daughter. This creates a nice colorful balls with very low maintenance. Basically, you only need to mist, water.

Do not shine on the leaves. Suitable for beginners or growers in the terrarium. It can grow and epiphytic. We supply plants rooted in the soil with a diameter of 15cm and 1 or 2 subsidiaries shoots.