Strelitzia reginae medium

Strelitzia reginae medium

Strelitzia reginae

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  • strelitzia reginae

Strelicies requires full sun or light shade. Room temperature in summer, autumn - December above 10 C.

Watering proportional to the size of the plant. Fertilization during the summer every week. The fertilizer common in fruits and flowers. Substrate should be very humic, you can use well composted soil or floral substrate, we admixture horn. We rely directly into larger containers, Birds of paradise does not like frequent repotting. Height can in the conservatory reach up to 2 m blooms from December to spring at a temperature of about 18 C.

Although it is great to larger flats is quite appropriate because larger plants to practically widths up no more space than the width of the flower pots. Almost suffer from pests and the leaves are still very decorative. We supply plants cca 25-40 cm height.