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Phalaenopsis special mix 2013

Phalaenopsis special mix 2013

Phalaenopsis special mix 2013

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interesting falenopsis of the first year's specials.

location on a bright location out of direct sunlight. Room temperature all year round. Suitable north window. Watering normal, soft water, occasionally let the substrate dry. Soil special orchid. Fertilize every three weeks orchid fertilizer. We recommend using Organoferm (heat-treated manure) - responds well to organic manure. Do not damage the aerial roots.

Remove - When flowering scape under the original first flower, very often from the rest of the stem grows more květonosná offshoot. There are plants where the height of the adult plants can be very small, medium or large. Likewise with flowers. U varieties are monitored and the frequency of tillering květonosných shoots, which is also different. Falenopsis plant is designed for beginners. Very often a reliable nakvétá. Recommended as one of the most rewarding houseplants.

We supply adult plants, according to the period of growth with flowers or without flowers.