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Actinidia arguta "purpurna sadowa"

Actinidia arguta "purpurna sadowa"

Actinidia arguta "purpurna sadowa"

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  • actinidia arguta "purpurna sadowa"

style="color: #000000;">creates very long climbing shoots 1 meter. Suitable for fences or other firmer foothold. Tolerates frost to at least -25 ° C. He needs to pollinate the female plant. For perfect pollination, we should follow the rule that one male plant seems to eight females.

style="color: #000000;">The fruits of this variety "purpurna Sadowa" are red - green. Eaten with the skins, which is smooth with no hair. Contain vitamin C, which share here is several times higher than in black currant and many other vitamins and nutritionally valuable substances. Direct consumption is the best. The taste of kiwi and stand out absolutely the best.

style="color: #000000;">offer adult female in plant size is about 50 cm.