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Lonicera kamtschatica

Lonicera kamtschatica

Lonicera kamtschatica

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  • lonicera kamtschatica

Kamchatskaya blueberry is already fairly well-proven plant. Fetus since May. The first fruits should be to protect the fruits from birds. Shrubs reach adulthood without any problems and 150 cm. Fits flowers very early and vegetation ends very soon. It is not uncommon that plants are shed at the end of August. Therefore, it is necessary to fertilize since April. It prefers slightly acidic soils, but not a necessity. It is also appropriate to have 2 different varieties due to higher fertility. Is so undemanding that it simply planted somewhere on the edge of the garden and you can almost forget about it. In addition to harvesting, of course. -)

We supply potted plants and p13 in the size of the plant 20-25 cm. The new variety ATUT in p9 pot.