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Cestrum fasciculatum "newellii"

Cestrum fasciculatum "newellii"

Cestrum fasciculatum "newellii"

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  • cestrum fasciculatum "newellii"

Introducing the Portable Plants - Cestrum . In the summer it needs a very bright location out of direct midday sun. Hibernate can be either in the light at 10 to 15 C or in the dark at 0 C -2 (fades - without watering).

plenty of water with regular fertilization fertilizer for fruit and flower is essential for success. In winter the water by way of the winter. Substrate floral. Plant put flowers at the end of new shoots (summer only). During the autumn and winter dokvétá on light colder habitats.

grows to about 120 cm, but can be shortened. Significant plant conservatories. It is possible Cestrum plant in the spring and the garden, stands the first frosts. We recommend plants in spring treat growth retardant eg "ALAR". Good durability in a vase.

We spply young plants without flowers.