eucomis autumnalis white

eucomis autumnalis white


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Duiker our Highlands winters in the open ground only occasionally, because it is grown in pots or planter. Like dahlia. He likes a sunny position. Watering common equivalent size plant. Substrate for indoor or balcony plants or compost.

  If the plant is grown outdoors, the tubers should be planted in April-May. Eucomis blooms from June to August. On an overcast winter, remove the onions and will store up eg. In the cellar as dahlias. When grown in pots with Duiker through the winter usually pulls itself into the onions. Let rest 2 to 3 months and begin watering.

Relatively inexpensive, little-known plant. Older specimens are especially attractive decoration in loose soil. Flower is suitable for cutting. We offer white-flowered variant.