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Eucomis comosus "sparkling dew"

Eucomis comosus "sparkling dew"

Eucomis comosus "sparkling dew"

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duikers with us in the Highlands winters in the open air only occasionally, because it is grown in pots or in a bed. Like dahlia. She likes a sunny position. Watering adequate standard size plants. The substrate at room or balcony plants or mulch.

If the plant is grown outdoors, tubers planted in April-May. Eucomis flowers from June to August. On a cloudy winter, remove the onion and dump it into the basement as a Jirina. When grown in pots with duikers through the winter usually pulls itself into the onions. Let rest 2 to 3 months and start watering.

relatively inexpensive, little known plant. Older specimens are especially attractive decoration in soil. Flower is suitable for cutting. We offer a new "chocolate" variety.